I may or may not be the first to admit that I was not completely thrilled when I first picked up this book.
I'm not big into swearing and this book is FILLED with it (so that being said, I wouldn't recommend it for young ears/eyes)
But... now that I have gotten into the book, I can look past it and see why she used the verbage that she did.  I won't say that I appreciate it, but I would not put the book down for it either.

More updates as the days go on :)

I did receive this book for review purposes, but am Not receiving compensation for my opinions, thoughts, multiple updates, etc.  All thoughts are 100% my own.
I have mixed feelings about this book.
It is great in the way that it jumps back and forth to give you more details, but at times it is confusing because you think you know a character and you have to change your thoughts once you start reading the next chapter.
Maybe this is what kept me reading when I got to a slow part.

I do feel that I know the characters and that I can in some way relate to each one of them.
Most of my questions were answered, but as with most books there are a few that I would like to have more details on.

All in all I enjoyed reading the book and was happy with the ending.
I would recommend reading this, but if I read it again I would want the pronounacation sheet in front of me instead of in the front of the book.

I received this book to review and received no compensation for my review.  my opinions are 100% mine.
"The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep"  by Harvey Karp, M.D.
You probably know him from the The Happiest Baby on the Block!

Now - to be completely fair, I have to admit I was not a reader of "how to" books when I had my son - I was a fight it tooth and nail type of person, but.....  I have officially changed my mind and will reccommend this book to Anyone who questions - How are you getting your kids to bed, How are you getting them to sleep through the night, etc, etc, etc

You may ask - If you were soo set on not reading "How to" books, why start now???  Your kids are 2 & 4??  Well - it's simple. When your asked if you would like to review a book that might help your kids sleep through the night, I'm not going to turn it down.  Oh & when I see "NO-CRY" I'm sold to at Least read the book and give my thoughts.

I did have a hard time putting the book down and have learned many things that have already helped both during the day and  at night.  We have not completely mastered the sleeping through the night thing yet, but we are down to foot stamping and one or two bouts of yelling during the day - so I'll say it's an improvement.

Next up for this book??  Put it into my husband's hands so he can read what I'm talking about.

It's scheduled to be on sale May 15th, following are some links to get you more information :)
The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep site - http://bit.ly/ZUyHra
Dr. Harvey Karp author bio - http://bit.ly/YdHHXP
Happiest Baby website - http://bit.ly/Yy14de

(I did received this book from the one2one Network to review & have no trecived compensation.  All opinions are My own.  My participation in this campaign enteres me into a drawing for a gift card).