In my search for raffles, giveaways, contests, etc - I came across a site that lists Rafflecopter giveaways.
I just started looking at it, so I can't tell you everything that you will find.  but....
On the left are ones that are ending soon (like in the next week)
One the right are the ones that they are featuring
& also on the left you can search be category if you want to go that route.

Have fun & Good Luck -
If you are the lucky
The Mommyhood Chronicles is giving away a KidCo Go Pod to one lucky winner.

Ok, So honestly - this is one that I really want to win :)
I still wish you all the best of luck!
Diono CarSeat
Head on over to the mommyhood Chronicles for a chance to win Leap Frog videos.

THis is a rafflecopter so please be sure to read up on how to enter if you have never entered one of these before.
I'm beginning to really like them, so there will probably be more of these than any others.

Have Fun!


    This section will be dedicated to different contests/drawings that are out there to enter.

    There is a new form of entries that use a program called rafflecopter.  These are nice because a computer picks the winner.  With a lot of these; if you have a twitter account, you can enter once a day.
    If you have never entered a drawing that uses rafflecopter, I would suggest checking out the rafflecopter site for directions before entering so you know the ins & outs.

    Have fun & Best of luck to everyone!

    We would all love to hear if you win one of the drawings listed, so please leave a message if you do :)


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