Take an adventure over to "The Life of  Rylie & Bryce Too"...

There are a few contests that you can enter when you are there.
(Clue:  Peak at the right side of the page - you will find the list of the current ones)

Don't forget to check out her blog while your there!

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    This section will be dedicated to different contests/drawings that are out there to enter.

    There is a new form of entries that use a program called rafflecopter.  These are nice because a computer picks the winner.  With a lot of these; if you have a twitter account, you can enter once a day.
    If you have never entered a drawing that uses rafflecopter, I would suggest checking out the rafflecopter site for directions before entering so you know the ins & outs.

    Have fun & Best of luck to everyone!

    We would all love to hear if you win one of the drawings listed, so please leave a message if you do :)


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