I had a $10.00 code so I opted to take advantage of the 10% discount.
Start at Ebates (8% cash back)
I purchased:
2 bags of popcorn (airpop kind)
4 bags of cereal
& got 2 free samples (Facial Soap & Lotion)
My total OOP was $5.15 shipped!

I'm excited to try everything & will try to post pics when the package arrives.
Yesterday I hit Walgreens for the deals & this is what I came home with.  (I started with No RR)

Trans #1
1 Schick 5 blade Razor - 9.99
2 Cortaid Creams - 2.99 (0.5 happened to be on sale)
1 BOGO Cortaid (2.99)
1 Mft Coupn Razor (4.00)
2 Mft Coupon Cortaid (3.00)

Total OOP 3.71
RR received $4.00 (Razor)

Trans #2
1 Belvita Breakfast Bars - 2.99
1 Finish Dish Product - 3.99
1 Orbits Gum - 1.29  (They didn't have one of the RR items I wanted & I did a quick item grab)
1 Mft Coupon Bars - (1.00)
1 Mft Coupon Finish (1.00)
1 RR (4.00)
Total OOP 2.65
RR Received $3.50

Total OOP for this Trip = $6.36
Total RR for next Trip = $3.50

Not bad in my books :)

Wow - I've been pretty bad about putting my cool saves up on the site.
Boo to me!

Here are the ones that I've gotten in the last couple of days - some you can still get.

1)  I soo desperately needed a new computer (my laptop is from 2004!)  My wonderful husband offered to get me one - Whoo Hoo!  Sooo... Do I consider it a 100% savings right off the bat?? LOL!
If you look at the revolving deals this is sorta listed also.
1 - Laptop (From Best Buy Daily Deals)  $349
2 - Tax & Shipping  $35.00
3 - Total - $384
4 - Cash Back from Upromise ($6.98 - I can't remember if they give CB for tax & shipping)
5 - Cash Back for card purchase ($19.20)
6 - Gift Card from Best Buy for reaching Over 250 points from this transaction ($5.00)
7 - Free Shutterfly book from purchase ($29.99 value)

Altered total from savings: $322

Next I was able to score 101 free prints from Shutterfly.
So... no time like the present to get that free 8x8 book
I set up my book & downloaded my pictures (it is easier if you download pictures as you go so you can grab deals as they come up - otherwise you get stuck like me & panick trying to download & setup your books)
so..  All that said & done.
1 - Photo Book ($30.99 - 1 extra page)
2 - 101 Prints (great gifts)  $15.15
3 - Shipping  $16.99 (I thought this was kinda high, but they said NO way to the free shipping code)
4 - total 63.13
5 - Free Book from Best Buy ($29.99)
6 - Free 101 prints ($15.15)
7 - Grand total = $17.99

To top it off I got a surprise gift card to Shoebuy.com  for $10.00!

I haven't checked them out yet, so I can't comment on how that will work.
If you received the $10.00 off a $10.00 Purchase in the mail and haven't used it yet, Now is the time to cash in on it.
The store near me is clearancing out a ton of things all the way up to 80% off!

It is the easiest to put our daughter into skirts & a onsie or a top & a pair of pants, so I used my coupon to get 2 skirts for her.
I ended up paying $0.78 for both of them after the coupon!
I can't go wrong that type of OOP expense.  I can't wait for the next one to show up :)

Oh - and right now they also have a survey going on - if you fill out the survery (took me a total of 5 minutes) you can print out (you must print it out, you can't email it) you can get 15% off your next purchase.
My husband needs work clothes, so I filled it out & am sending the coupon with him to use.

I'm always excited to go to my mailbox, because I never really know what I'm going to find.
But I really can't wait for my SB stuff to come.
I have three $5.00 Gift Cards coming. 
I know that I could earn more faster if I did more with my Swag Bucks account, but I don't so I'll be happy with the progress I've made.
If you are interested in starting to earn points to turn into free cash or prizes (you earn points by searching the web, taking quick surveys, and in some cases playing games.  You then take those points & choose the "prize" you would like).  You can follow the banner below.
Search & Win
I had some "fun" last night.
My husband was putting the kids to bed, so I took the time to do some shopping.  We needed diapers - so here is what I did.

Transaction #1
1 Pack of Pampers - $2.20 OOP  (On sale for $9.99)
I uses (1) $5.00 RR, (1) $1/1 Mft Coupon, (1) 2/1 Walgreens Coupon - I received (1) $1 RR for my purchase (Side note - I also received a $5.00 off Enfamil coupon - since we don't use Enfamil - I passed the coupon on)

Transaction #2
1 Pack of Huggies - $5.00 OOP  (Clearanced out at $7.99 pack)
I used (1) $1.00 RR (From above transaction), (1) $2/1 Mft Coupon
I also got 2 bags of candy corn (20 cents each) for filler items - sent them to work with my husband :)

1 Transaction total
1 Pack of Diapers & 1 Sweater - $0.00 OOP!
(1) $4/1 Sweater - Printable Store Coupon, (1) $2/1 Huggies - Printable Store Coupon, (1) $2/1 Mft Coupon
(1) Gift Card from a previous purchase my mom made (THanks Mom!)
$1.37 balance LEFT on the Gift Card!

Total OOP for the night.....  $7.20

Super Excited about that trip ;)
So.. I needed to do the midnight run to get diapers.  It is soo much easier to go when the kids are sleeping :)
I did a quick run though of the deals (I needed to spend $30.00 use my $10.00 Jingle Rewards)
So - here is what I got.
2 packs of Huggies Diapers (2/$19 + 2 $2/1 MFT Coupon = $15)
2 Carmex vials (2/$3 + 2 $1/1 MFT Coupon = $1)
1 Goody Claw ($2 + Receive $2.00 RR)
1 Renu Sensitive ($6.99 + Receive $5.00 RR)
1 $10.00 Jingle Bucks
Total OOP = $15.09.
My RR didn't print, so they adjusted the total for me & I received the $7.00 back on my card :)

One thing I didn't know is that since I used 2 mft coupons on the diapers & 2 mft coupons on the carmex I don't qualify for RR that are printed.  Do you get a different result when you use mft coupons?  I don't recall this happening in the past, but hey! I paid $3.50 a pack of diapers & got the rest for free!
If you checked out my "Revolving Deals" Section - you know that I purchased the awesome Totsy.com deal.
$30 voucher for $15.00!
Well, I made this deal even better by using a code that I got from Cub which is C2PXC4HPHX.  I can't guarentee that this will work again, but if you try - you try.
So... That code was worth $10.00 & I had a $3.oo credit on my plumdistrict.com account - making my OOP $2.00!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Melissa & Doug products (If I could fill my house with their stuff I would - LITERALLY!!!)
Totsy has them featured right now - so yup - I grabbed ahold of that deal.

I picked up the "SEE & SPELL" and the "Food Groups".
My total was $33.30 + 7.95 shipping.
I used my $30.00 code & paid $11.25 OOP - making two AWESOME additions to my education plan a total of $13.25

If you would like to get a head start at plumdistrict you can use https://www.plumdistrict.com/?ref=uf3976530da9 referal code & get $5.00 added to your account.  You can use it all at once, or split it up (so that being said, if you use the code on my "revolving Deals" page to get to the totsy deal, you should be able to get the $5.00 - then try the code above & BAMM - you get $30.00 at Totsy for..................  FREE!!!!!!!!!  (You will have to pay the $7.95 shipping though)
Food Groups $16.65
See & Spell $16.65
I LOVE LOVE LOVE my CVS - whether it be Online or Instore - Doesn't matter!!!

So.... The deal of the day you ask???

I got:
5 cans of Similac formula 12.4 oz
1 thing of CVS Aluminum Foil (Needed filler & Foil so BONUS)

$15.00 Discount for orders over $60.00
$25.00 Discount using 25discount Code
Free Shipping (Should be $5.48) using freeship code
Total = $41.58!!!!!

That's about $8.32 a can and FREE foil - I'd call that a Pretty Darn Good Deal!!

Thanks CVS!!!
Keep up the Deals & We'll keep Shopping!




So, on a yucky note - my daughter is sick, so being a 7 month old - she has gone through almost a reem of diapers in 1 1/2 days :(  That being sad, I needed to make an emergency run to get diapers & picked up some pedialite to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated.
So... Being the "saver" that I am, I had to make sure that I didn't have any coupons I could use before I went - which I did :)
I don't think I did too bad for an emergency run and only 15 minutes of planning - here's what I did.
3 packs of pampers diapers (2/$19)
1 tub of wipes
2 bottles of gain dish soap
1 bottle of pedialite

I had:
1 $2/2 pampers diapers
1 $2/1 diapers & wipes (MC)
1 $4/1 diapers & wipes (CVS)
1 $3/15 any baby product (CVS)
and a bunch of ECBs
I paid $2.10 OOP and got a $10 Gift Card of my choice (of course I chose CVS!)

Honesty - CVS is my new FAVORITE store.  If I can do a quick 15 minute plan, leave the house at 11 pm and be home by 11:30 pm and pay what I paid & get what I got - as long as they continue their AWESOME deals - they have my loyalty - no matter where we shall move!

Happy Saving Everyone!
Don't forget about Cyber Monday!  I'll be posting pretty quickly, so keep coming back!  Oh & PLease, Please let me know of any deals you find & if you have a website, please leave that info also so I can put that in!