I LOVE LOVE LOVE my CVS - whether it be Online or Instore - Doesn't matter!!!

So.... The deal of the day you ask???

I got:
5 cans of Similac formula 12.4 oz
1 thing of CVS Aluminum Foil (Needed filler & Foil so BONUS)

$15.00 Discount for orders over $60.00
$25.00 Discount using 25discount Code
Free Shipping (Should be $5.48) using freeship code
Total = $41.58!!!!!

That's about $8.32 a can and FREE foil - I'd call that a Pretty Darn Good Deal!!

Thanks CVS!!!
Keep up the Deals & We'll keep Shopping!




So, on a yucky note - my daughter is sick, so being a 7 month old - she has gone through almost a reem of diapers in 1 1/2 days :(  That being sad, I needed to make an emergency run to get diapers & picked up some pedialite to make sure she doesn't get dehydrated.
So... Being the "saver" that I am, I had to make sure that I didn't have any coupons I could use before I went - which I did :)
I don't think I did too bad for an emergency run and only 15 minutes of planning - here's what I did.
3 packs of pampers diapers (2/$19)
1 tub of wipes
2 bottles of gain dish soap
1 bottle of pedialite

I had:
1 $2/2 pampers diapers
1 $2/1 diapers & wipes (MC)
1 $4/1 diapers & wipes (CVS)
1 $3/15 any baby product (CVS)
and a bunch of ECBs
I paid $2.10 OOP and got a $10 Gift Card of my choice (of course I chose CVS!)

Honesty - CVS is my new FAVORITE store.  If I can do a quick 15 minute plan, leave the house at 11 pm and be home by 11:30 pm and pay what I paid & get what I got - as long as they continue their AWESOME deals - they have my loyalty - no matter where we shall move!

Happy Saving Everyone!
Don't forget about Cyber Monday!  I'll be posting pretty quickly, so keep coming back!  Oh & PLease, Please let me know of any deals you find & if you have a website, please leave that info also so I can put that in!