So, a while back I purchased an e-coupon for Abes Market from Eversave.
It was $25 for $50 worth of product.
I used a $5.00 promo code along with a $3.00 reward that I had - spending a total of $17.00 OOP.
Today I decided to cash in on this e-coupon and get some cool gifts for people.
Now... Since these are gifts & I don't want to give away what I got, I'll tell you I got a great deal.
I was able to pick out 5 items for $49.98, get free shipping and pay nothing else OOP.
One of the items which is an essential oil I got for my headaches was originally $10.00, so I can really say that I got 4 christmas gifts for $7.00!
How cool is that???
I will take deals like that any day of the week!
Well - off to spend a few more of the e-cards I have "burning a hole" in my folder  (I have a "credit" folder so I know where I have accumulated credits, gift cards, e-cards, etc from - it's really an x-cel sheet which also says when & what I ordered, for how much, when it shipped, and when I received it.  It's a nice tracking method that also includes all of the rebates I waiting for)
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