My Daughter just recently started to wear SMO's.
These are to give her ankles support and hopefully allow her start walking (with further assistance from a Gate Trainer).
In order to give her the most comfort it was suggested that we use seamless socks.  But let me tell you - they are EXPENSIVE!!!!

We were given a small list of websites that carry the socks.  Each one wanted no less than $20.00 per pair plus shipping!!
So.... thinking maybe I could get a better deal from a local rehab facility I called to inquire.  I was Wrong - they wanted $30.00 for ONE pair!!

Uggg.....  soooo.......  Onto the search I went.

I found these socks - SmartKnitKIDS.  They start at around $7.00 per pair and go down from there depending on the quantity you order and whether or not you have any coupon codes.  Which I did :)
So 12 pair later, we spent about $60.00 and are VERY happy with the quality of the socks, the way they fit, and the speed that we got the shipment.
We were expecting them to arrive within 7-10 days but they were at our door 2 days later.

Oh & those cute little "bugs" in the picture??  Each package comes with one, so if you have a family like mine - big brother gets the bug & little sister gets the box - Silly kids!!


(I received NO compensation from this post)