My son has been doing a really good job with doing his chores, so we decided it was time for him to get an allowance.
He decided that he wanted to purchase the Shark Exhibit for his Thomas Track.  We both thought it was going to be Super cool & were really excited to get it home and play with it.
Who wouldn't want to watch Thomas the Tank Engine go through a shark mouth, drop down, release a baby shark and then go pick it up to deliver it to it's desination.
We sure did!!!
Well.....  I have to say we were both disappointed with the results once we unpacked it from the box.  It is really difficult to keep the two tracks together (there is a disclaimer on the box that not all trains will work, but you would think the one they packaged would).
It doesn't stay open very well, so it caused a lot of frustration the first day we had it.
The tank that the baby shark falls into doesn't have moving wheels and doesn't have magnet so it doesn't work very well :(

Other than that, we are still playing with it (not as much as his other Thomas items), and are ok with getting

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