YaySave is doing a promotion.
Spend $50.00 get a $15.00 credit.
They were also adding 500 swagbuck points to that - pretty cool deal!
YaySave! The most effective way to get your household essentials.
Thanks to my Seester - here's another cool deal.
Snapfish is having a their Buy 1 get 2 sale!
Use code celebrate1 at check out.
Don't forget to use your Ebates or Shopathome account to get cash back

If you don't have a Shopathome account, you can get a $5.00 sign up bonus using a referal code
Leap Frog is having a nice deal going on right now.
Use code easter10 & get 10% off & free shipping.
(I just purchased a set of 7 Leap Frog Jr books for $16.00 - SHipping)
I don't think I got 10% off my order, just free shipping - so watch for that.

My husband just told me about a razor site.
He said that you could get razors for between 3-9 dollars a month. 
Now - I thought - NO WAY (SHIPPED???)
It's true!
I just signed up and will start receiving razor at my door.
The 2 blade razors are a total of $3.00 a month for 5 of them!
They have 4 & 5 blades also (ranging up to $9 + shipping)
Great deal in my eyes - now just to wait for the shipment :)

Eversave is giving a signup bonus if you are referred to them.
If you don't have an account and would like to give them a try you can get $5.00 to spend.
You need to sign up in the next day & be referred.
If you would like to use my code, feel free.


If you are not part of Copious - now would be the time to join.
They are offering a $5.00 sign up bonus & a $5.00 invite bonus giving you $10.00 total credit.

What I've been told is that you will probably have to pay at least a penny, but it's still a good deal!

You need a referral code to get the additional $5.00

Thanks: mommy wants freebites for the orginaly invite & information!
Open Sky sent me an email that they are offering free shipping frrom 3-5 today only!

If you don't have an account, you can get a $10.00 referral credit today using the below link.


I am happy so far with YaySave.
I just received a "mystery Code" that ended up being worth $1.50!

Another cool thing I don't think I mentioned is that they give free shipping on any order size & they do a price comparison for you.  Gotta love shipping right to your door (and FREE!)  I think you have to be a member to get the free shipping, but if you have the points from swagbucks it would technically make it a free membership ;)
Restaurant.com is having their $2.00 for $25.00 Gift Certificate.
Don't forget to go through Ebates for your cash back.  (15% cash back today!)
= Nice deal.