I have started to use a new site called YaySave.
They are another type of daily deal site, but the deals last longer than one day & they are linked up with Swagbucks.
I got a free one year membership to YaySave through my points earned on Swagbucks & am now earning credits for YaySave from Facebook.  Pretty cool because this morning I earned 0.50 just from entering codes :)

If you don't have a YaySave account, you can follow my referral link if you would like

If you don't have a Swagbucks account, you can follow the below link if you would like. 
If you do have a Swagbucks account, you can see about getting a one year membership for Yaysave (I don't know what it costs)
VitaCost is offering 10% off Arrowhead Mills Products (Price reflects discount).

This is pretty cool because if you go through Ebates you get an 8% cash back.
Plus if you are referred to the site, you get a $10 credit.

Meaning - you can get $10.00 worth of product (plus 2 free samples) for under $6.00 (you pay shipping - but today they have free shipping on orders over $49.00)

If you would like you can use my referral code to get $10.

My purchase is under My Fun Saves ;)
Cub just sent out their $5.00 off $50.00 coupon.
There are some pretty good sales going on, so I'll be heading over there tonight to use my coupon.

Rainbow is also having their Double Double Daze on Sat!
I'm soo excited to give Rainbow a try again.  (I took a break from Rainbow for a while, but will give a different store another try).
If you are new to Rainbow's Double Double Daze - what that means for you is that you can double up to 10 coupons in a single transaction (this transaction must be a minimum of $25.00 & the face value of the coupon can not exceed $1.00). 
So instead of saving $10.00 you will save $20.00!  Keep in mind that if you are using a Rainbow coupon, the SALE price is the price that you will want to use as your "base" price to calculate your $25.00.
If you are new or are not sure of their coupon policy, Please visit their site & read up on it so you get the best deals.
There are many sites that do the coupon matchups, so I'm not going to post them here (unless you guys want me to start because I gladly will - just let me know.)

Walgreens -
I did my weekly deals yesterday, so my fun saves for more info on that ;)

I got a lead on the possiblity of Co-Ops in the areas, so once I check it out I will post information on those also.  The produce I saw was gorgous & there was Alot of it also!
Daily Double is Groupon.
Today they are offering cash back of 6% instead of 3%.
Todays featured deal at Groupon is $25.00 of Edible Arrangements for $12.00.
Don't forget to check out Groupons other daily deals if the above doesn't interest you.
Best Buy is getting into the daily deals also.
All you have to do is go to their website & sign up for the daily deals.
Some of them will include free shipping (you can not do ship to the store ;(,  so keep that in mind if it doesn't say free shipping on the email.
Also, if you purchase a qualifing order you receive a free 8x8 photo book from shutterfly!

You want to make the deals even sweeter??
Ok -
1:  If you have a Upromise account (Side Note: it's free & easy - I just signed up, activated my account put in some store cards & have made one online purchase and have $3.00 cash back.  I am going to use my cash back to pay down our student loans because I can transfer it right to them.  You can also invite friends & family members to "save" with you.  I sent my husband an invite so he can save for me.  I will have more cash back coming, the purchases just haven't shipped or the grace period isn't up yet.)  I don't know if it would work with Ebates because I did not try it.
2: If you have a best buy rewards card - make sure to activate that online so that you can use it (I found out you have 30 days to add purchases to your BB rewards card - soooo sweet, because we had a couple "emergency" runs to BB on game day.)
                BB Rewards - you get a $5.00 gift card for every 250 points (1 point per $1.00 spent)