I am sorry to those that have been looking here for deals & my failure to provide them to you.

We have had some major things occurring in our lives & the setup of the internet sadly was not top priority.

I have posted some of the details on our personal website if you are following that one :)


For now - I'm hoping you will welcome me back & enjoy the new Bzzz Campains that I have been happily selected to try.
See you in my Bzz section :)
Carters is having a $5.00 Sale.
It looks like shipping is a flat $6.00.

Onsies, Shorts, Shirts, Sunglasses.
Have fun shopping!


One of End Of Retail's Deals of the Day.
$2.00 + Shipping.

If you don't have an account, you can get a $5.00 sign up credit ($10.00 minimum order is required, but that isn't hard to do :)

Referral Code: http://www.endofretail.com/rewardsref/index/refer/id/2396/

One of the live deals on No More Racks.
It's the Charity Deal of the day prived at $28.00 + Shipping.

Don't have an account?
Sign up with a referral link & get a $10.00 credit!


Sneak Peaks is a store that can be found on Facebook.
I have just started using it & am on & off about doing the peaks, so I'm not earning as many badges as I should be able to.
Some of the badges include free shipping $$ off purchases, % off purchases.
If you would like to check it out, you do need a Facebook account.
Referall code: https://www.sneakpeeq.com/r/MjM0NTg4

This is one of the items that is for sale today (June 11th)

Kids Powered 4 Wheeler = $59.00

High Speed HDMI Cables = $5.00

If you do not have an account with No More Racks - you can receive a $10.00 credit by using a referral link.

The deals change daily & if you haven't visited the site in a while, you should check it out because they have added a bunch of categories (all ending at different times)

Happy Shoppiong

Sunday is the last day to get Buy one Get One free on Disney Cars 2 products. - Code KACHOW

The Free shipping (if you purchase a disney parks product) has been extended through today - Code PARKSFREE

if you have been looking at their beach towels, they are $12.50 each right now.

Have fun stocking up on gifts :)


Energy Star is giving out Lorax Activiy Books.
You can download it or they will ship it for free (One copy only)


Thanks: Mommywantsfreebies !
Born Pretty Store is offerering a free stretch ring to the first 1000 people.
I just ordered on, so there may still be some left.

Enter code FB2012

Good luck!