If you set up a Copious account the last time I talked about it and haven't used your $10.00 credit - make sure you check out their site, as your credit will be expiring soon.
If you don't have an account & want $10.00 to spend I have added a link so you can receive it.

You must use a referral link to get the referral credit.

What is Copious??
It pretty cool - people like you & me sell items for a set price.
You can get clothes, jewerly, beads, etc from there.
If you search for "no fee" or "no shipping" etc - you can sort by price & find some pretty fun stuff for $10.00.
You will need to pay a penny, but if you choose an item that has no fees that a really good deal.

Have fun shopping!
If you are not part of Copious - now would be the time to join.
They are offering a $5.00 sign up bonus & a $5.00 invite bonus giving you $10.00 total credit.

What I've been told is that you will probably have to pay at least a penny, but it's still a good deal!

You need a referral code to get the additional $5.00

Thanks: mommy wants freebites for the orginaly invite & information!