If you went to Old Navy the week that they were doing the fast cash (I think that is what they called it)  Make sure you go this week and cash them in!

I'm soo excited about the deal I got there with mine.  (I'm sorry I don't have photos of my deals from Sat - Sun baby girl had a planned surgery so I've been a little slow with the site).
But... onto deals :)
I did 2 transactions because I had a $10 off $20 & $20 off $40 "coupon"
My first transaction I spent $20.77 & save $30.00 (I had a $10 of $50 purchase which they let me use & this total does not represent full price - this is sale price)
The second transaction I spent $12.38 and saved $10.00 (Once again, according to my receipt I saved $10.00)

I got a total of 19 items for under $34.00!  My summer wardrobe is almost complete :)