YaySave is doing a promotion.
Spend $50.00 get a $15.00 credit.
They were also adding 500 swagbuck points to that - pretty cool deal!
YaySave! The most effective way to get your household essentials.
I am happy so far with YaySave.
I just received a "mystery Code" that ended up being worth $1.50!

Another cool thing I don't think I mentioned is that they give free shipping on any order size & they do a price comparison for you.  Gotta love shipping right to your door (and FREE!)  I think you have to be a member to get the free shipping, but if you have the points from swagbucks it would technically make it a free membership ;)
I have started to use a new site called YaySave.
They are another type of daily deal site, but the deals last longer than one day & they are linked up with Swagbucks.
I got a free one year membership to YaySave through my points earned on Swagbucks & am now earning credits for YaySave from Facebook.  Pretty cool because this morning I earned 0.50 just from entering codes :)

If you don't have a YaySave account, you can follow my referral link if you would like

If you don't have a Swagbucks account, you can follow the below link if you would like. 
If you do have a Swagbucks account, you can see about getting a one year membership for Yaysave (I don't know what it costs)