I want to get this out there - so I'm not posting pictures at this time -
Totsy is having a BIG sale - up to 90% off -
Items are Going QUICKLY so get them while their available.
They have been adding some new items, but no promises from me :)

Have Fun Shopping!!

Get $30.00 to Spend at Totsy for $15!!
I love this deal - Get it while it's still available.

If you don't have an account with Plum District - using this code will give you $5.00 to get you started.




Totsy - Need I say more??  Below are some of the items they have available.  There are a bunch of stores that are offering guarenteed deliver by the 23-25th below are some of them (the hats & shoes are not guarenteed - but they looked sooo cute with the dresses I had to put them in :)
Totsy opened up the Skidders & Baby Grand along with a bunch of other sales (Kids toys, womens clothes, bedding, rugs, the list goes on!)  Check out the cute "I Love Santa" Outfit.

Totsy made deals from Ed Hardy Live.  They have Womens socks that are inspired by tatoos.
They are $6.25 - $7.75 and look soo cute!  From ankle length to knee length.

While your there, don't forget to check out Moto Jaxx T-shirts - All made in the USA.  $14.00 each.

Upcoming sales I'll be checking out: Skidders & Baby Grand.
But there is soo much more out there - it's worth at least checking out if you haven't already.

You can get $30 worth of product from totsy for $15.00! 

Totsy has tons of items on sale from Melissa and Doug, to Hello Kitty, Purses, Maternity clothes to decor.

If you haven't signed up for Totsy yet, you can follow the link below.

Referal Link: http://www.totsy.com/join/smnlcasey $8.35 + shipping