What does a stay at home mom do when she has to spend part of Thanksgiving in the emergency room with her youngest, go home and entertain cool family members, and then listen to her eldest kick and scream about going to bed???  Well.... Take advantage of the stores being open 24 hours - that's what!!
I am so excited!
I walked into Walgreens - Spent $19.64 OOP got $20.49 back in Register Rewards!  So exciting!  I made a $1.00 on Black Friday!!!
Next I walked into CVS - Paid $2.09 OOP on my first transaction & $4.86 OOP on my 2nd transaction!!  &&& I walked out with $23.95 in ECBs!
One little thing that I've learned throughout my couponing (I can't remember who I learned it from, so I'm sorry that I can't tell you :(  but.. I learned that RR are Manufacture Coupons!!  You can use them at - Cub, CVS, oh heck - you can pretty much use them where ever you want to use them.  So, I used this knowledge tonight.  (Once I got home, I kinda poopoo'd myself for not re-investing at least once more, but you can't win at everything - so here is what I did.
1) Walgreen's:
I purchased most of the free items that were listed (I personally skip items we are not going to use), I used any MC that I could (2 Gillette coupons ($2.00 each), 1 Crest Coupon ($1.00), 1 Colgate Coupon ($1.00)  Paid $19.64 & got $20.49 back in RR (your total maybe different if you purchase different items).
Next I went to CVS.  I figured out what it would take to get to just over $20.49 and paid for that first.  I always try to purchase the "free" items first so that I have the most ECBs to work with.  My second transaction was a total of $31.55 and after using the ECBs from my first transaction I paid $4.86 OOP.  and received the $23.95 back in ECBs.
Some will use their rewards just at the store that they get them at, but not knowing when we will be going back to hospital I try to simpilfy things as much as I can.

I tried to get a couple of items at Target, but when I saw the line literally going up and down the isles (from the back of the store through the freezer/fridge section, through the H&B, through the Pets section and then finally up to the registers... I decided that the movie wasn't worth it & came home to blog about my fun times.


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