I found out about a nice code for No More Rack
If you use P1070 you can get a $10 credit (for items over $20)  (THANKS mommywantsfreebies)

Also - they are now running "insanity Deals" which are put onto the website at various times.  The prices are SUPER cheap & Crazy - hense the name "insanity deals".  no one seems to know when they are going to pop up so you just need to keep watching.  I've heard that there are only a few per item & that they are only doing 1000 ITEMS per month, so you have to be quick if you want the item.  I have also heard that people have gone to check out & been informed that there were no more left, so it has been advised that you set your account up ahead of time to give yourself a better opportunity to get the deal(s) you want.  GOOD Luck! 


I just missed the kindle $15.87 deal :(

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