I get Target Coupons sent to my phone automatically which is nice because I have them with me all the time, but I just got a COOL tip from another couponer.
If you text bodega to 827438 you will get some additional Target coupons. $20.00 worth
$5.00 Huggies Coupon & $3.50 off Pullups.
From the readers advise I tried & It WORKED!  It was also stated (I haven't looked yet) but if you buy 2 boxes this week you get a $10.00 Gift Card!!  Even better yet!

ALSO - there was a statement that Star Trib page A7 has same coupons! 

So...  On that note - I'm going back to pocketyourdollarscom to continue my coupon match for the week.
I'll post my purchased deals once I have them in hand.
Happy Shopping & don't forget to post or email me your finds so other can be in the loop :)