The "Family Hook" came in a package of two.
Simple packaging which was easy to open - so the trial started out GREAT!
I read the instructions and they are straight forward - I didn't really follow them though because it said to use heat if you are applying in the winter.  (It's not technically winter, but the wall wanted to say differently :)

Even though I didn't use any heat, it stuck to the wall right away and is firmly stuck where I put it.

I did think when I was looking at them in the package that they would be easy to break (two prongs just there.....), but I pulled on them while they were in my hands and after I placed it on the wall and they are tough!
I have so far only found one plug that won't fit into the holder (which is the one you see plugged into the wall.

I would reccommend these to anyone looking to get plugs off the ground and save a few toes :)

Note: I received this product for review purpuses from BizArk Deals - no other compensation has been received.  This is 100% my opinion

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