I haven't really been purchasing any all in one products, I seem to shy away from them thinking that they won't do as good of a job as single products so when I was asked if I would like to try a 2-in-1 product I agreed.

The product I received?  Ivory 2 in 1 Hair & Body Wash.

Now as you know, I'm not the only one in the house that tries the products - so you are getting a spectrum of thoughts and feels :)  

We all thought that the smell was Awesome!  My hubby thought it should be called apples because that is what it reminded him of.  I thought more of spring when I smelled it & my son?  He just said Mmmmmm.....  (That's good - he can't think of a descriptive word).
I thought that it dried my hair out and I needed to use conditioner (Now, since I don't typically use a 2 in 1 I don't know if this is common).  My hubby however has SHORT hair, and he liked it - said it wasn't drying at all.
As a body wash, I thought it was great as did the hubby.

I heard through the influencer grapevine that it can be used in the bath also, but I have been waiting to make sure neither kiddo has skin issues before I plop them into that one  (watch for an update on this one :)

The downside of this product??  
The packaging - we all feel it is bulky and hard to hang onto.  It also feels dollar store-ish. Now.... since I received this item to review, I don't know where the final destination is or what the price point is, so if I knew that - my mind may review this part differently.

Recommend?  Yes
Buy Again?  Maybe (Price would be a Big determining factor)

My family & I were not compensated for our views on this product.  We received this as a trial from the influenser and our opinions are 100% ours.

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