I was really excited to find out that we had been chosen to try some P&G products.

I have always liked their products and couldn't wait to find out what would be in our package :)

Above is what was included.
1) Olay Body Wash
2) Covergirl Dual Lipstip
3) Tide To Go
4) Gillette Aftershave

Olay Body Wash
I liked the Olay Body Wash.  I Really liked the smell - it was soft and light and it moisturized at the same time.
My husband however felt it was too thick, that it was more like lotion and was only usable if you used a loofa because that is the only way it will lather up.
We both felt the size and shape of the bottle was perfect size and nice looking.
Reccommend?? Me - Yes,  Hubby - No
Buy Again?? Me - Yes, Hubby - No

Cover Girl
I'm not completely sure what type of lipstick or what color I received because it was not in a box - just that it is #295.  It was nicely sealed, so I knew it wasn't tampered with :)  I like the color and was pleased with the shine that was received once the clear coat was applied.
I tried it three different ways, one way was applying both the color and the clear coat.  The other was to only apply the clear coat, the final was to only apply the color.
I would not suggest only the color being applied because it feels sticky and comes off easily.
I liked the dual action of the color and the clear coat, but felt that it was short lasting and I needed to re-apply it often.  It did Not however come off on my kids when I kissed their cheeks (SOO good because it was Right before school!)
I Really Loved just the clear coat.  My lips felt really good and seemed to get a moisture that I don't get from lipbalm.
Reccomend??  Yes!
Buy again??  Yes!

Tide To Go
I have always wanted to try Tide To Go, have picked it up, looked at it and then... put it back.
WHY???  I'm not sure because I LOVE this product!  My daughter coughs all the time and gets these yucky brown stains on her tops ALL the time.  I HATE it!!!  So....  I carried this handy little stick in my purse and after one of her coughing fits I would just dab away and not worry.
We tried it on many different fabrics from Jeans, sweatshirts, fleece, silky material, and to be straight forward - too many to remember.
It was soo easy that our 4 year old pre-treats his clothes when something happens.
Recommend?? Absolutely!
Buy Again??  Absolutely!!

Gillette After Shave
From the words of my loving hubby (who LOVES these trials as much as I do!)
This stuffis cool, smells good, feels good.  Most after shaves are either greesey or have too much alcohol - this stuff is just right for me.  The pump is sanitary and clean (does not leave a mess or a drip hanging from the nozzle)
Recommend?? Absolutely!
Buy Again??? YES!!

We as a family enjoyed all of the products that we received and have given our 100% honest reviews of each of these products.  We did not receive any compensation for our reviews, nor did we know what products we would receive.  All reviews are solely our own.
Thank you for your time!!!

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