I was happily suprised to get the mail and find a couple of items that I wasn't expecting to receive!

Those are my Favorite mail days -

Above is one of the items I received.  
A Cute pink glittery barrette.

My Thoughts???
My Daughter LOVES it & will Love wearing it on her headbands which she uses to hold on her glasses.

It looks like it will hold up to the wear and tear of a two year old - as long as the two layers are sewn or glued together.  I can't tell because I don't want to take it apart.

The snap barrette is Great, because it won't fall off her headbands and is rounded instead of straight so it shouldn't bother her head while she is wearing it.

It is BRIGHT, so she will choose it & keep it on.

(Note: I received this item from Bizark - no compensation is being received from them for this review, it is 100% my opinion)

Family Hook

3/23/2013 06:13:17


The "Family Hook" came in a package of two.
Simple packaging which was easy to open - so the trial started out GREAT!
I read the instructions and they are straight forward - I didn't really follow them though because it said to use heat if you are applying in the winter.  (It's not technically winter, but the wall wanted to say differently :)

Even though I didn't use any heat, it stuck to the wall right away and is firmly stuck where I put it.

I did think when I was looking at them in the package that they would be easy to break (two prongs just there.....), but I pulled on them while they were in my hands and after I placed it on the wall and they are tough!
I have so far only found one plug that won't fit into the holder (which is the one you see plugged into the wall.

I would reccommend these to anyone looking to get plugs off the ground and save a few toes :)

Note: I received this product for review purpuses from BizArk Deals - no other compensation has been received.  This is 100% my opinion
My Daughter just recently started to wear SMO's.
These are to give her ankles support and hopefully allow her start walking (with further assistance from a Gate Trainer).
In order to give her the most comfort it was suggested that we use seamless socks.  But let me tell you - they are EXPENSIVE!!!!

We were given a small list of websites that carry the socks.  Each one wanted no less than $20.00 per pair plus shipping!!
So.... thinking maybe I could get a better deal from a local rehab facility I called to inquire.  I was Wrong - they wanted $30.00 for ONE pair!!

Uggg.....  soooo.......  Onto the search I went.

I found these socks - SmartKnitKIDS.  They start at around $7.00 per pair and go down from there depending on the quantity you order and whether or not you have any coupon codes.  Which I did :)
So 12 pair later, we spent about $60.00 and are VERY happy with the quality of the socks, the way they fit, and the speed that we got the shipment.
We were expecting them to arrive within 7-10 days but they were at our door 2 days later.

Oh & those cute little "bugs" in the picture??  Each package comes with one, so if you have a family like mine - big brother gets the bug & little sister gets the box - Silly kids!!


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My son has been doing a really good job with doing his chores, so we decided it was time for him to get an allowance.
He decided that he wanted to purchase the Shark Exhibit for his Thomas Track.  We both thought it was going to be Super cool & were really excited to get it home and play with it.
Who wouldn't want to watch Thomas the Tank Engine go through a shark mouth, drop down, release a baby shark and then go pick it up to deliver it to it's desination.
We sure did!!!
Well.....  I have to say we were both disappointed with the results once we unpacked it from the box.  It is really difficult to keep the two tracks together (there is a disclaimer on the box that not all trains will work, but you would think the one they packaged would).
It doesn't stay open very well, so it caused a lot of frustration the first day we had it.
The tank that the baby shark falls into doesn't have moving wheels and doesn't have magnet so it doesn't work very well :(

Other than that, we are still playing with it (not as much as his other Thomas items), and are ok with getting